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Increasing competition, rising costs, ever-changing regulatory landscapes and growing public scrutiny are just some of the external factors that present a challenging road ahead for utilities of today. To keep pace with exploding growth in demand, utilities must evolve infrastructure and transition to smart grid initiatives all while ensuring operations become more efficient, reliable and productive. 

The utilities customized solution by Tekyoi will help in rapid deployment. We combine our ERP solution consulting experience with SAP to provide best possible solutions. With TekYogi's template driven industry specifics solutions help streamline operational efficiency, improve customer service and reduce overall IT system costs for utilities. 

TekYogi's is a complete turn-key SAP implementation package for utilities specific templates to integration services, SAP software licensing, application deployment, change management preparedness, managed services and ongoing support. 

Key Features
  • Simplifies major utility business processes.
  • Utility specific accelerators, blueprints and tools.
  • Based on SAP's proven ERP and SAP Business Intelligence platforms.
  • Integrated business intelligence and mobile solutions.
TekYogis Advantage 
  • Template driven for rapid deployment.
  • Lower cost of implementation and ownership.
  • Compressed ERP landscape infrastructure.
  • Componentized for point solutions or complete transformation.

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