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Enterprise performance Management (EPM):

Enterprise performance Management (EPM) is a set of processes that help businesses to optimize their performance providing a framework for information collection, organization, metrics, processes and systems that drive business performance. EPM is dubbed as collection of methodologies that "run by the numbers". EPM facilitates the "closed-loop" decision making to manage the performance of the businesses. EPM is often called Business Performance Management (BPM) and/or Corporate Performance Management (CPM).
EPM has a strategic focus of performance management for the entire organization including Financial Performance Management (FPM). Financial performance management supports performance management with the functionality for the core domains: strategy management, business planning, profitability and cost management, and financial consolidation. Financial performance management allows us to manage all our financial and operational strategy, planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analytic requirements - in addition to profitability and cost optimization. EPM consists of Governance, Risk, and Control (GRC) also which are very essential for the performance of business nowadays.
EPM enables businesses to define strategic goals and provides tools to measure and manage the performance against these goals. Core EPM processes are financial and operational planning, business consolidation, analysis and monitoring of KPIs with Strategy Management tools like Balance Score Card. EPM enhances the processes by closing the feedback loops to the business managers and operators. For example: Forecasting process helps to predict the business performance to a high degree which could be used to build "what-if" models. Ever increased availability of internal and external business information led to the need to processing the data efficiently, model the applications, align planning and execution, strategy and tactics, individual unit and enterprise goals.
Part of our commitment to help organizations realize their goals and objectives by improving the business performance continuously,TekYogi offers various EPM solutions in various technologies.

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