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Our specialised practice in CHEMS will support your EPM initiative in building an infrstructure for Annual Budgeting, Investment Planning, CAPEX planning, Forecasting, Legal and Mgt Consolidation.
The package helps you quickly set up a prototype that gives you a "look and feel" impression of SAP ERP, geared for the chemical industry.

Our Solutions for the Chemical Industry also helps you follow all the steps necessary for implementing functions that support selected groups of related business processes

Use prepackaged business expertise
TekYogis Best Practices for Chemicals largely anticipates common business requirements and delivers exactly the documentation and configuration needed for a smooth evaluation and implementation. All of its deliverables are fully reusable and can easily be adapted to meet your specific needs.

Build a working prototype
Using TekYogi Best Practices for Chemicals, you need only a few days to build a working, fully documented prototype that's a starting point for your implementation.

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