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As part of the core implementation strategy, TekYogi recommends that resources are focused on processes by being cross-functional covering tangible and intangible aspects of the business. The users and the implementation team must be clear about the enterprise goals and must work towards aligning the enterprise objectives with individual business unit / process objectives. TekYogi helps achieve the required "hand-shake" of strategies between IT and Business.

As part of the implementation strategy, TekYogi recommends standardizing the technology platforms. This enables cost savings in the long run, if not in the short run, in terms of personnel training, change management, customer satisfaction etc. It is easier to scale up and augment the applications where the platforms are compatible.

It is very essential to have integrated architecture to simplify communication across systems and applications. It is better to plan the integration points ahead of time and provide them for future expansion.

It is also important that the processes are standardized and assembled as re-usable modules. Many of the processes can reuse the module components and can make applications simple to use.
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