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At TekYogi, we realize that our people are our most important assets and they are the windows to our world. So we have taken sufficient care in developing an environment that has a refreshing balance of work & fun, with lots of opportunities for new learning and development.

TekYogi works hard to match skills / competencies of the employees to the jobs to maintain the motto – "Right fit for the Right job". We have structured the organization nimbly to support horizontal and vertical growth to all our employees, who extract full potential of the various opportunities available within the Company.

TekYogi is an equal opportunity employer. TekYogi provides excellent compensation that is commensurate with the employee's skill set and potential to grow. The compensation package is well tailored to provide the best possible benefits to all TekYogi employees. We also provide for social security measures like Provident Fund, Medical Insurance Coverage / ESI.
We hire both, entry level as well as experienced professionals, for various responsibilities to be managed within the Company. The efforts from all roles are integrated to result in highest levels of business excellence and exceeding customer satisfaction.
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