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  • Deliver best-of-the-class enterprise-wide business intelligence solutions focusing on transactional, business intelligence, and enterprise performance management.
  • Empower businesses align and realize their operational and strategic objectives.
  • Reduce their in total cost of ownership by specializing in simplification of their business processes & applications".

Simplicity has become the state-of-the art in an increasingly complex environment of disparate systems and products that we have to deal with in our everyday world. The challenge is to simplify business processes with the least change to our complex legacy applications. In other words, the goal is to avoid 'reinventing the wheel' to reduce cost and improve the experience.

TekYogi strives to create value and differentiation in the customer experience by delivering enterprise-wide information technology solutions. TekYogispecializes in re-engineering business processes and applications, and creating easy-to-use tools and products.

TekYogi is comprised of very experienced subject matter experts and software professionals. We specialize in the new breed of experts called 'Techno-Functionals', who have the perfect blend of both functional and technical sides of the applications.
Our guiding principle is '' Think Simple – Build Simple ".

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