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Business Planning & Forecasting

Business Planning is used to facilitate the users to review / enter data for planning / budgeting purposes. The area of application stretches from simple data input through to complex scenarios with data extraction, automatic planning preparation, manual data input, controlling the planning process, and retracting plan data back to the transactional system. The architecture is usually structured to implement simple scenarios without great effort but is equally able to build sophisticated business-wide planning processes.
Typical Planning Application
  • Sales & Profit Planning
  • Cash Flow planning
  • Cost Center Planning
  • Profit planning
  • Investment planning
  • Profit center Planning
  • Balance Sheet planning
  • Working Capital planning
  • HR planning
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Forecasting procedure is used to predict / approximate the future development of key figures. The process involves some forecast functions on historic data to calculate expected forecast values with statistical procedures. This means that there must be some reference data available in the system with a time reference for a forecasting model to work.
  • Average
  • Moving average
  • Weighted moving average
  • Simple exponential smoothing (constant model)
  • Linear regression
  • Linear exponential smoothing (trend model)
  • Seasonal exponential smoothing (seasonal model)
  • Trend-seasonal exponential smoothing (multiplicative seasonal component)
  • Trend-seasonal exponential smoothing (additive seasonal component)

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