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Operational & Strategic Analytics / Reporting

Business transactions have become more detailed nowadays. It is important to keep track of item level details and analyze them carefully. The importance of operational reporting could not be more important than now. Leveraging the existing business knowledge content, EPMFOCUS can build operational reporting in Financials, Logistics, and Human Resources. The new dimension technologies like Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management etc have become more analysis oriented. Analytical applications measure and optimize business processes because of their integrated data basis. It is needed to add a surplus value to the existing raw data, since a management option has already been considered, independent of system and application. They always relate to a process and measure the success of this process. Analytical applications collect data, convert it into information, add intelligent algorithms, and support the execution of the required steps in the system.
TekYogi makes sure the following major conditions are met about the analytics and reporting:
Data Integration:- Time-dependent, integrated data from multiple sources if required is extracted, converted / massaged and integrated for reporting / analytics purpose.
Process support:- supports a range of different applications that deal with specific tasks within a process. The analytical application checks and optimizes these tasks ad processes or finds potential for the development of new businesses.
Strategic Support:- The data is transformed into intelligent information to support various strategic decisions to keep up with the objectives of the enterprise.
Separation of function:- Functions here are independent of the operative, transactional systems. SAP NetWeaver MDM harmonizes.

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