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TekYogi realizes that as the pace of business increased day by day, many organizations are posed with a problem of deluge of data very rapidly. Unlike in the past where data collection rates were low, nowadays the managers need to act swiftly enough in the right direction. So we at TekYogi believe in the following approach to address the modern day information challenges in Business Intelligence.
  • Data reveals a lot of information about the business and if interpreted efficiently, the information could be translated into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Consistent and relevant KPIs would provide insights into operational and strategic aspects of company
  • Information needs to be presented in a user-friendly fashion to aid the decision-makers
  • Information not only speaks about the past, but also about the future by indicating trends and patterns.
  • When business can measure the performance, they can better align and achieve the goals and objectives
  • Enterprise Performance management is nothing but "Run-by-the-Numbers" methodology


"Business Intelligence (BI)" is a broad term to define a set of concepts, and processes to aid and improve business decision-making by using fact-based support systems. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) stands on a foundation of BI, encompassing the planning and control cycle of the enterprise - with enterprise planning, consolidation and modeling capabilities.
TekYogi enables a top-down framework for companies to help align planning and execution, strategy and tactics, and objectives for individual units and the enterprise. TekYogi helps organizations implement solutions like Business Planning (Budgeting & Forecasting), Business Consolidation, Balance Scorecard, Corporate Performance Tools like Dashboards, Profitability Analysis etc. In addition, we at TekYogi help implementing Governance, Risk, and Control (GRC) processes and software.
Part of our commitment to help organizations realize their goals and objectives by improving the business performance continuously, TekYogi offers various EPM solutions in various technologies.

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