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Business and Social Collaboration

Social Networking Portals and tools for social & collaboration strategy by deploying Web 2.0 technologies.
As business needs change, there is a rising demand for technological advancement. Today, internet based communication tools provide essential operation and marketing solutions. Therefore, the first step to ensuring success in future endeavors is to accept new business technology.
While some companies view changing business trends as a trial, at TekYogi we implement the opportunities web 2.0 technology provide. Ironically enough, most of the obstacles posed by web-based tools are coupled with the best solutions. Here are three examples of this:


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Long Distance Collaboration:

Using tools like blogs, podcasts, LMSs, and social media networks, promote group interaction, even when a team works remotely. As employees become “less attached to physical offices” but still responsible for accomplishing group tasks, these tools encourage business participation.

Establishing Priorities:

There is a surplus of information, organization, and communication options available on the Internet. In deciding which tools work best for business participation, it is important to consider what content is useful in moving a company’s mission forward. By using Web 2.0 organization tools, TekYogi helps in setting up priorities and diminish distractions.

Knowledge Sharing for Business Participation:

A major fear of knowledge sharing is that it may disrupt the corporate hierarchy that is foundational to a business. However, in a global business environment, there is need for bottom-up collaboration. TekYogi helps to implement this method of communication so that it is easier to accept Web 2.0 tools, and leverage their capabilities.
Business is changing. Technology is evolving. How is it possible to navigate the insurgence of web 2.0 technologies? TekYogi helps in Accepting the challenges and embrace the opportunity.

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