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Extended Team

With an increasing shortage of qualified professionals within the IT and computer science domain, it can be rather challenging to find and maintain a cost-effective team in-house.

Augment your staff with an extended team* in India that works in exactly the same time zone as you. Not only is this solution cost-effective, it is efficient and scalable.

Trained in manoeuvring Magento, Hybris, SAP, Big Data, Hadoop, SAP Hana, Salesforce, SharePoint and much more, our talent pool consists of experts with decades of experience under their belt within the areas of technology and business. Utilize them as part of your own team to boost your company’s productivity.

Planning. Executing. Managing. Documenting. Monitoring. Analyzing. Reporting. Trouble-shooting. Count on us to take care of all of your company’s developmental activities in a streamlined manner.

Contact us so we can assign you with a dedicated project manager and team that works according to your time zone, your schedule and your specific needs.

* We also provide traditional hourly billable support.
Why Opt For An Extended Team?

Improve your ROI with a qualified off-site team working in conjunction with you for the fraction of the cost – cross out overhead staffing costs!

Experience increased productivity and efficiency with a team working around the clock.

Benefit from an easily scalable option as your company grows.

How Are Our Extended Teams Unique? Want To Get Started?

We work according to your time zone to ensure smooth, continuous workflow.

We are a client-centric company offering access to cream-of-the-crop talent even in niche areas.

You will always be in complete control of every project and all resources – our team will sync up with yours.

We provide you with a dedicated project manager who remains as your consistent point of contact.

We offer you a cost-effective extended team at a competitive cost without compromising on quality.

We adopt your work culture to maintain unity.

Email your requirements to us at

Once we lock-in the project, we will assign you a dedicated project manager.

Afterward, select your dedicated team of professionals from our talent pool with the help of your project manager

Sit back and relax as we begin executing your projects so you have more time to focus on scaling up your company

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